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Winter Weather Advisory Late Tonight..Snow Threats Next Week

Winter Weather Advisory South Central Pennsylvania Overnight

Temperatures that are now in the 50s and 60s will fall rapidly to near freezing or below in the advisory area and it should happen before the precipitation cuts off during the morning hours. This could create some icing conditions. Weather models are slightly more aggressive with the arrival of the cold air. Advisories are posted for South Central Pennsylvania as well as the rest of the state (except the Southeast) Northwest New Jersey (Sussex & Warren Counties) and the Hudson Valley north and west of Route 84 as well as Connecticut north of Route 84. Areas just to the south of this region should keep an eye on thermometers as the southern and eastern flank of freezing temperatures could drift south and eastward toward Route 287 in Westchester and along and north of Route 80 in New Jersey.

Meanwhile we have heavy rains on the radar moving through Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey northeast into the Hudson Valley. The rains will spread to Eastern areas this evening and overnight. Then it will be a matter of how fast the cold arrives Saturday morning before all the precipitation ends. For the rest of the day Saturday temperatures will continue to fall dropping into the 20s by evening. Then temperatures plunge to the single digits and low teens. Some below zero temperatures could show up in areas north and west of the coast....READ MORE ON THE RETURN OF VERY COLD TEMPERATURES AND 2 SNOW THREATS FOR NEXT WEEK AT METEOROLOGISTJOECIOFFI.COM

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