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Easter Weekend Looks Uneventful, Long Range Chilly Next With a Last Gasp of Winter Possible

We will start off with the next 2 days as the 60s will try and get in here depending an a warm front to our south. Fronts this time of year can have a difficult time moving northward but we should have some degree of success here on Thursday and again on Friday.



There will be some showers to deal with on an off tonight through Friday morning until a cold front moves through. Weather conditions should improve as we move through the day on Friday.

Passover begins Friday night and we have Easter Sunday. There are no major problems for the weekend. We have a cold front moving through on Friday with some morning showers and then leftover clouds Friday afternoon. We should begin to clear out Friday night so the rain will be long gone. Saturday looks like a nice day overall with sunshine and clouds and highs in the 50s.Easter Sunday brings a cold front through early in the day and there could be a passing brief shower with this when it passes by Sunday morning. Once that front goes by we should go to a mix of sun and clouds for the rest of the day with temperatures in the 50s. Then we move into next week when a cold upper air pattern dominates North America and this will bring weather systems through here next week....READ MORE ON NEXT WEEK AND ANY LAST OF THE SEASON SNOW CHANCES ON METEOROLOGISTJOECIOFFI.COM


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