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Could This Be The Last Snow Of The Spring?

From the standpoint snow for South Central Pennsylvania and North Central Maryland, winter didn't really begin until mid March. Since then it has been a bonanza. Now we have another weather system threatening for Saturday and it looks very much like the system we had Sunday night and Monday. Accumulations will hinge on snow intensity during the morning between 5am and 10am before the sun angle comes into play.


This is my early call regarding snow for Saturday. Snow begins again during the early morning hours on Saturday and lasts into the afternoon. This is tough call because it is April 7th and not February or even March 7th so sun angle and intensity of snow will be key. Snow falling hard trumps the effect of the strong sun angle so that is the most important factor we need to work out. Also where will the southern flank set up because at some point the snow does shut off to the south. Right now it appears that our area is in the slot for 4 inches or more but that could easily be cut in half if the intensity is marginal. Elevation will key as well. Higher elevations will see more.

For more on this system and how it plays out along with how it impacts areas nearby go to METEOROLOGISTJOECIOFFI.COM


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