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Those of you who have seen enough of cold weather and this long stretch of late winter weather will be very happy to hear that we have 2 very warm days to look forward to in South Central Pennsylvania and North Central Maryland. Starting Thursday we will see highs move through the mid and upper 60s setting us up for 2 very warm days Friday and Saturday.

Friday we will be pushing the middle 70s with plenty of sunshine and Saturday will be another winner and temperatures could make a run for 80 degrees by afternoon. Even though there is a back door cold front moving southeast from New England, this will not reach Southern Pennsylvania until Saturday night.

This will likely send tree buds bursting along with the grass and all the pollen that goes with it. However the second half of the weekend is problematic as Sunday brings a south or southeast wind, moisture and eventually rain and thunderstorms later Sunday into Monday. READ more on this warm weather, the back door cold front and the coming rain for later Sunday on METEOROLOGISTJOECIOFFI.COM


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