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Some Sunshine Friday Through Monday

If you are looking for a prolonged period of warm weather and above average temperatures we can state right off the bat that other than the odd day here in there, we won't be seeing much in the way of sustained above average temperatures.

We discussed earlier today that we could finally see a string of nice weather around here from the standpoint of sunshine beginning on Friday and lasting through at least Monday and possibly into Tuesday and that still remains the case after looking through all the weather models. We have a blocky signature in the upper atmosphere at the moment which will break down over the weekend. At least it sets up a dry though chilly flow of air beginning Friday and keeping us protected through at least Monday and possibly into Tuesday. The flow across the US is split into two parts. The northern part of the split is dominated by an upper low east of New Foundland which holding and it creates a dry chilly flow from Eastern Canada into the Northeast & Middle Atlantic states. Other than occasional patchy clouds the weather looks good starting Friday and through the weekend. That low east of New Foundland starts to pull away as the block breaks down and we begin to set the wheels in motion for the next weather maker here. It will take a few additional days for that to play out so Monday looks good and Tuesday looks okay as well. Unfortunately below average temperatures will continue...YOU CAN READ MORE ON THIS INCLUDING THE NEXT CHANCE FOR RAIN AT METEOROLOGISTJOECIOFFI.COM


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