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Spring Ends Summer Begins Pattern Remains About the Same

Yesterday's cold front remains stalled out to our south and this evening we are seeing some thunderstorms developing to our south across Virginia.

Clouds have been sinking southward all day long but they were stubborn. The front to our south is about to buckle a bit which means clouds will be increasing again on Wednesday with some rain or showers Wednesday afternoon into Wednesday night. Low pressure will be going by to our south and this should be gone by early Thursday morning.

This is going to be another warm front cold front combination. High pressure to the northeast creates an onshore flow so clouds will increase Friday with some showers later in the day or for sure by Friday night. Then we will have to wait for the system to move to our northeast on Saturday. Some showers and thunderstorms seem likely Saturday before weather conditions improve on Sunday. We don't see any long range hot weather anytime soon with this active weather pattern bringing fronts by every 2 or 3 days. With the summer season about to begin there doesn't appear to be much change in the longer term weather pattern. Read more at METEOROLOGISTJOECIOFFI.COM


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