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Severe Weather Risk Flash Flood Risk Continues Wednesday Hot Weather Ahead

We begin the day with some downpours that moved through the area overnight and are now into Northeastern Pennsylvania and moving away. Even though much of the ground is saturated over much of Pennsylvania and Maryland, this mornings round of downpours didn't seem to create to much difficulty other than to make the moldy wet conditions even more so.

Today's issue is the risk for severe weather later this afternoon and tonight. The Storm Prediction Center continues to show much of Eastern Pennsylvania and Maryland at a slight risk for severe weather. We don't expect much to happen into this afternoon. The main threat likely comes late in the day and thr first part of tonight and will hinge on how much daytime heating goes on. The biggest risk with severe thunderstorms I believe will be any additional rainfall which will create river and small stream flooding issues as the map above indicates. A foot of rain has left rivers and streams filled to capacity so flash flooding issues could develop in a hurry with any heavy rainfall that develops from thunderstorms over the next several days.

Don't expect much to change over the next few days but we are heading into some hot weather over the weekend. You can read more about his at METEOROLOGISTJOECIOFFI.COM


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