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Dry Wednesday & Thursday More Rain Friday..Cold Shot Next Week On Track



Rain has been heavy at times today in some areas as a result of the stubborn warm front that took forever to move northward. This took the juice out of the atmosphere regarding a severe weather threat for most of the area. Now we see the cold front approaching and there are a couple of more bands of showers to deal with into this evening before weather conditions genuinely improve overnight.

Wednesday and Thursday look like two good days with sunshine. Highs Wednesday should reach the upper 50s and lower 60s. Cold high pressure builds to the north on Thursday and though we will see plenty of sunshine temperatures will be in the cooler low to mid 50s as we set up for a raw and rainy Friday.
Today's cold front stalls across the Gulf States and another low comes from there with a primary low heading into the Ohio Valley and a secondary low develops on a warm front along the Virginia coast. The outcome from this is a cold rain and a raw northeast wind Friday into early Saturday morning. Temperatures Friday will only be in the 40s at best. Weather conditions will improve over the weekend and some of the cold air to the west is going to funnel in to our area Saturday and Sunday though the coldest air moves more south than east. Nonetheless temperatures this weekend will be below average especially on Sunday with highs just in the 40s.
We are still on course for very cold air for this time of year at least to head into the Eastern US next week though how it gets here is the big question.. METEOROLOGIST JOE CIOFFI HAS MORE ON WHETHER A STORM WILL IMPACT THE EAST EARLY NEXT WEEK

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