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A Little Snow Friday, Some Rain Saturday Night Sunday, Nice Weather Early Next Week

We have a weak weather system moving across the area for Friday but before it gets here we have another cold night ahead for us. Temperatures 20 degrees below average in March is a big deal. If this were mid January we would likely see lows below zero. Thankfully it is not mid January. Most lows tonight will be in the teens to low 20s with nothing more than a few clouds around.

Friday brings a weak low moving to our south. Weather models keep this system very weak with an area of light snow that will move through South Central Pennsylvania and North Central Maryland. At most it will be a coating to an inch or so of accumulation. It falls in the afternoon and even though the ground is cold, the time of year and the increasing strength of infrared rays of the the sun should keep paved surfaces clear though some slick spots could develop. It is quite possible that the whole thing just falls apart and you get nothing much at all from this. Temperatures will reach the upper 20s and lower 30s for highs.

The weekend brings the threat for rain Saturday night into early Sunday morning. Next week brings more reasonable and seasonable weather for March. However the month is a volatile one and there is more on the long range at

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