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Temperatures Trend Higher Rain Sunday

Clouds Wind Direction Drive Temperatures Next 3 Days

We are still sitting in a dry air sweet spot over the Northeast with just some patchy high clouds moving through. All the weather action remains in the Western US so we have another night of clear skies ahead of us with cold conditions and light winds. Coldest spots will be in the 20s with most urban area lows into the 30s. There are no cloud or radar issues to dealy with through the daytime Thursday.

Thursday high pressure is offshore so proximity to the ocean or if you have a south facing shoreline will set the pattern for temperatures during the day under mostly sunny skies. Clouds will not come in until late in the day or Friday evening so they are not a concern. Thursday the wind will be south which means Southern New England and Long Island will be in the lower 50s for highs while mid to upper 50s will be the highs inland and west.

Clouds or lack of clouds, wind direction will be the driver of temperatures over the next 3 days. There is also a back door cold front dropping southward from upstate NY which will (of course) park itself very close to the area on Friday so depending on whether you are north or south of the frontal boundary will determine your high temperatures.

Friday the land winds will be a bit more to the southwest plus the offshore high will drive temperatures into the 60s and some 70 degree readings could reach into Southern and Central New Jersey. Clouds and some sun will rule these areas. Further north the frontal boundary and clouds will dictate weather conditions and there could even be a passing shower Friday along the frontal boundary. This would concern areas from Northern New Jersey to Southern New England.

Saturday is the day with the warmest temperatures with clouds and some sunshine. 70s will push northward into the Hudson Valley if there is enough sun. Coastal areas will be 10 degrees cooler with the wind off the water to a certain extent. No rain is forecast for Saturday. Sunday brings a cold front which will be slow moving with a series of waves along it.

Showers will develop Sunday morning and then the front moves through. High temperatures could reach into the 60s early in the day before the front passes. It appears rain could last well into the afternoon before weather conditions improve Sunday night. Monday will be chilly with some sunshine and highs just in the 50s.


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