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Nice Weather Friday Saturday Holds On Sunday

It was on the humid side today but a cold front is passing through this evening with minimal impact. We have patchy clouds around and there are a few pop up showers that a re showing up on the regional and local radars but they are widely scattered and should come and go quickly if you happen to be in their path. For the vast majority of you they will not be an issue at all. Dry air is beginning to find its way southward across Upstate NY where skies are clear. The dry air extends ito Southeast Canada and the Great Lakes so we will be in good shape going forward.

You can see the spot showers on the radars and they look like specks as they move southeast. A thunderstorm if it is going to pop up it would be in South Jersey and they should be gone by this evening. Skies should clear out tonight but in Central and South Jersey clouds could linger around as the dry air is seeping southward rather than driving southward.

On to Friday which should be a nice day with sunshine. Some patchy clouds might still be in the mix in South Jersey but that is the only issue for Friday. Temperatures will be dictated by a developing northeast wind. This will keep the Coastal Areas, Southern New England, Long Island and Coastal New Jersey in the 70s while areas inland could reach the lower 80s across Western New Jersey, Southeast & South Central Pennsylvania.

Saturday looks good with sunshine but the further south you go, high clouds will be in the mix and that will hold temperatures down slightly. Partly sunny skies will be the story for Southern Pennsylvania to Delaware and Southern New Jersey while mostly sunny skies will featured in Northeast Pennsylvania to Southern New England.

Sunday brings a dilemma for Southern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey southward as rain in the Middle Atlantic States starts to creep northward. This will bring a heavier cloud cover northward which will cut the temperatures down to the middle 70s in many areas. Further north where skies should be partly sunny it will be in the 70s to near 80.

Rain will be lying across Virginia and the Delmarva Peninsula. It is possible that the northern fringe of that rain gets close to the Pennsylvania Maryland state line. It will be a close call but for now we will leave rain out of the forecast for this region. It is not an issue further north at all.

Next week is going to be an active week with rain Monday into Tuesday with all that southern moisture heading northward ahead of a cold front. Then the front stalls bringing more rain for Wednesday night into Thursday with a coastal low and an onshore flow. JOESTRADAMUS discusses the long range forecast for next week in his latest long range post.

s this in his long range post for next week.

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