Are you ready?

Unexpectedly (un)interrupted.... When we have severe weather, we make every effort to get info to you in a very timely manner so you can prepare. No, we are not perfect and we do get caught off guard at times. Really lets face it...we are human and do have families and responsibilities as well. Normal daily rhythms do get interrupted and we step into high gear. Unfortunately, sometimes technology does not always agree. Likely you have had moments of frozen phone, that obnoxious spinning wheel loading, an unplanned update that you forgot to schedule, and even just normal service interruptions and glitches. Many may remember the stressful(for us at least) time Facebook was not putting us in the feeds. We still continued with all posting in hopes someone saw it. Despite the many barriers.... one of our own management got creative and discovered Fb stories would still be visible. Can we ever be truly prepared for power failures, tech issues, and the unexpected? No! What we can do, is to make a plan with many alternatives. We do try to plan to be ready to still provide warnings for the community with many options... Extra gear and service: back up devices, batteries, desktops and laptops, back up wifi and cell service options... Platforms and places you can find us: website, Fb, Fb stories, our app which we have emergency push notifications to reach you(yes those cool screen interruptions), Patreon We have also had to resort to other forms of communication when things go down including: email, direct call cell and home, text, Messenger, dropbox, google, walkie talkies, we have even had to reach each other by posting on each others page When the unexpected occurs please do not give up hope...instead remain calm and know that, yes there are alternatives and some of us will find a way to reach out to the community. Lets face it, we love what we do and take it very seriously. You all are our extended family. Our goal and mission is... To keep you informed and keep you aware, so you can prepare and stay safe! Do you have back up plans and/or alternatives? What are they?

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